The Product

The worldwide shortage of wood and the extraordinary demand on steel in the world market results an uncommon increasing of costs for wood and steel sleepers.
Disadvantages of wood and steel are not only the higher cost of rough material but additional factors:

weathering and corrosion
destruction by insets
short life span
less track stability
diminishing reliability
higher maintenance costs
useless for high speeds tacks
Solution is the installation of the WALTER pre-stressed concrete sleepers, which guarantees:

constant gauge for straight
  and curved lines
durable track stability
less wear and tear to tracks
  and mountings
low maintenance costs
security / travelling comfort
guaranteed efficiency
long life span

Our concrete sleepers (type B70) are produced according to European Standards EN-13230-1 to 4.
Every WALTER sleeper leaving the factory is proved on transfer of stress and high quality.
As the system is suitable for any kind of rail fastening, it may be applied for tracks all over the world.